“Julia related so well with my four children. Her expertise, enthusiasm and guaranteed satisfaction resulted in a priceless “moment in time” for us to cherish for years to come. I look for reasons to go into our family room just to see the beautiful portrait that she created.”
Carol Mathieson

“I have been using the talent of Julia Straut for over fifteen years, but especially to catalog the fabulous growth of my daughter. Julia’s photography is unique. She has the amazing ability to capture the essence of her subjects, showing, in her portraits, who they really are. It is a rare gift. She also is devoted to insuring that I am completely happy with the finished portraits. Her devotion to both the art and the customer makes Julia Straut the only photographer whom I would trust with the pictorial legacy of my daughter.”
Karen Hughes

“I continue to enjoy the sweetness and intimacy that you captured in my children. Thank you. It means a lot that you signed the portraits. They are works of art.”
Claire Thomas

“I have had the pleasure of Julia Straut photographing our daughter for over twenty years. She has captured the magical essence of our daughter’s life from stuffed animal tea parties through the teen years with family pets, and now adulthood. We are looking forward to the much anticipated formal wedding portrait, and the excitement that session will bring. I know this cherished moment in time will be captured with a stunningly beautiful work of art.
Julia’s portraits have not only brought joy into our home, but the homes of grandparents and countless relatives. I know a Julia Straut portrait is the most cherished gift I can give anyone I love.”
Barbara Duff